The Benefits of Hiking With The Family

Hiking is a hobby that is great for the family! It has many benefits that we will learn more about today. So if your family needs a new hobby, make sure you pay close attention to the information below.

It Reduces The Dangers of Obesity

There is a growing epidemic of obesity in the nation, and it is making us sick. Children are especially at risk of becoming obese. Many kids are glued to their electronic devices and are less active than children in the past. To get them off the sofa and help them become more active, you should take them for a hike. This can be a fun way to shed those unwanted pounds.

It Brings Everyone Together

Most of us lead busy lives, and we don’t get to be with our families as much as we want to. By taking the time to take a hike with your loved ones, you will get to bond with them. This is very important for the family structure, and it is a really nice way to spend an afternoon together.

You Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Hiking is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin d. Vitamin d comes from the sun and is needed for healthy living. A 10-minute hike will give you all the vitamin d you need. A nice stroll in the park can accomplish this goal.

It Can Release Stress

Let’s face it, we all get stressed out from time to time. Even small children face stress at some point in their journey to adulthood. A great way to reduce stress is by going on a family hike. Hiking can reduce stress and make you feel much better about things. Having a stress-free is very important.

It’s An Affordable Hobby

If your family is on a tight budget taking up hiking won’t cost you very much. It is an affordable hobby that doesn’t break the bank. All you will need is some good hiking shoes, and some gas in your car to get to your destination. So why not consider hiking your new family hobby?

It Helps Promote Good Mental Health

Hiking not only helps heal the body but also the mind. Spending time outdoors is known to be great for good mental health. In fact, some studies show that being in the outdoors can help combat depression. This is a great way to avoid taking medications, which can have nasty side effects.

It’s A Great Way To Explore The Natural World

Many of us have a disconnection with nature. This disconnect can actually bring about feelings of depression and sadness. To get back to nature, why not take your family hiking on the weekends. It can be a great way to explore new things, and children of all ages love to learn new worlds.

As you can see, there are many benefits of hiking with the family. So why not pick up this very affordable hobby? Your family will thank you if you do!

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Camping as Your Family Vacation

Are you thinking of taking your family for a vacation? Instead of going for an expensive hotel vacation, why not opt for a whole family camping trip. It’s not only affordable but also offers enjoyment, which hotel vacations can’t even come close to. When camping, you can carry a radio to keep you updated about the weather. During the day, your family can swim, fish, play volleyball and other types of camping games like badminton. Some camping sites have boat ramps, log cabins, paddle boats, and other more activities that will make your family camping more enjoyable and memorable. The following are some advantages of family camping.

It’s active

Many modern children have obesity problems. Instead of taking your kids to a vacation where they will just sit down, you can take them camping where they can hike, swim, and do other outdoor activities. During camping vacation, you can control want your kids are eating hence ensuring they will stay fit.

It’s educational

Your kids will get the opportunity to learn more about wildlife and nature. They will also line other life skills from camping like self-reliance, independence, first aid, and wilderness skills. Camping also gives your kids a chance to interact with nature naturally. This will teach them the virtual of appreciating what the environment ha to offer.

It’s cheap

Camping is cheaper as compared to traditional vacations. Camping in state parks will cost you less than $100 per week. The biggest expense you will incur during camping will be gas and food. Eating food that you cook will be much cheaper than eating in a restaurant three times a day.

It’s a way to get great quality time

When camping as a family, you will have ample time to spend as a family. It will be just you and kids in a quiet and beautiful outdoor environment. No video games, TV, movies, or other types of distractions which can keep from focusing. For families where both parents work and are ever busy, it’s a wonderful way to reconnect with your children.

It’s enjoyable

You will get an opportunity to spend time away from home where there is full of drams from kids. You can relax and enjoy yourself with having to listen and solve child complains.

You need the best camping gear when during your family vacation. A poor quality tent will get wet, making you and your family spend a cold night. Carry sleeping bags that are going to keep your entire family warm. Don’t go buying all camping gear at once, makes use of what you have in your house before buying anything.

A camping vacation is an ideal vacation for the whole family because it’s always something active and fun. It’s a great and fun way to bring the family back together. Camping doesn’t distractions like Game Boy, cell phone, or television. You just sit around a campfire and eat while listening or sharing scary tales until you fall asleep. Your family will love the fun and closeness memories you are creating. Camping is an adventurous and delightful way to spend your vacations.

Top 7 Best Free Attractions in Singapore

As is widely known, Singapore is fun but also one of the most expensive Asian cities to visit. That said, the city-state is not empty of enjoyable free attractions. Given the small size of the country, all of these free sights are incredibly convenient to visit too.

  1. Jewel Changi Airport

The bulk of visitors to Singapore arrive by air. If that’s the case for you too, one of the country’s best free attraction would be right before you.

Referred to simply as “Jewel” by locals, Jewel Changi Airport is a multi-use complex right at the heart of Changi Airport. A shopping mall, recreational hub, cineplex, and conservatory wrapped into one, the highlights here are the stunning HSBC Rain Vortex indoor waterfall and the lush Shiseido Forest Valley surrounding the cascade. Both of which are free to enjoy throughout the day.

For visitors who do not mind spending a little, the Canopy Park at the top of the complex also houses a variety of games and attractions. In short, an entire day could be spent having fun at ultra-modern Jewel.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

Sprawling Gardens by the Bay at the southern tip of the city-state is nowadays the showpiece of Singaporean tourism. With night-time pictures of its signature “Super-Trees” gracing many postcards.

With the exception of the Flower and Cloud Forest Domes, and the Floral Fantasy exhibition, the whole of Gardens by the Bay is free to enter and enjoy. Outside of the Super-Trees, there’s also a multitude of mini gardens, art sculptures, and picturesque spots throughout the ground. For visitors with more energy, a 15 minutes stroll southwards also brings one to Marina Barrage. This futuristic barrage, a sentry of sorts facing Singapore’s south, is completely free to enter.

  1. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

A newer temple in Singapore, and the most striking landmark in the Chinatown district, entering the gorgeous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is akin to stepping into a golden palace. One with walls graced by thousands of Tibetan-style Buddha figures.

The upper floors of the temple i.e. the free museum also houses a sizable collection of Buddhist sculptures and art, the showpiece being the dazzling hall venerating the eponymous Buddha Tooth Relic. Whether you’re a Buddhist, or not, you are sure to be amazed by the exotic religious masterpieces literally found at every corner of this beloved institution.

  1. Haw Par Villa

Do you love Chinese mythology? Or are you a fan of the macabre?

If so, free-to-enter Haw Par Villa is a must on your Singaporean vacation itinerary. An older sculpture park on the outskirts of downtown, and one with a subway station right before it, Haw Par Villa has long been hailed as one of the weirdest attractions of Southeast Asia. Filled to the brim with statues based on Chinese folktales and myths, this compact park is as fascinating as it is disturbing. Notoriously, there is even a “Ten Courts of Hell” cavern, one that unapologetically displays what happens to sinners in the Chinese hell.

A note of caution here about the Hell cavern. Displays in it are pretty graphic and grotesque, to say the least. Visitors with weak stomachs, or those with children, should take caution.

  1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage Site that has consistently been hailed as one of Asia’s top park attractions, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is conveniently located beside the Orchard Road shopping stretch, and free for all to enjoy.

Apart from endless varieties of plants and many, many landscaping features, the heart of the grounds also contains a sizable open-air auditorium, at which free concerts are regularly performed. Picnic amid the verdant grounds, while listening to stirring professional performances, has long been a beloved weekend activity in Singapore.

  1. Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Here’s another free garden attraction of Singapore. One that dates from the 70s and located at the western end of the city-state.

Situated beside manmade Jurong Lake, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens contains an assortment of ethnic buildings based on their namesakes. The Chinese Garden, in particular, has three distinctive Chinese pagodas and even a seventeen-arch bridge based on the one in Beijing’s Summer Palace. Best of all, both gardens, as older attractions, tend to be uncrowded even on weekends and public holidays. As long as you don’t mind the half-hour subway journey there from downtown, these two atmospheric attractions are sure to delight.

  1. Festive Light-Ups

As a multi-racial and multi-religious society, Singapore celebrates a variety of festivals throughout the calendar year.

For major festivals such as Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Diwali, and Christmas, traditional ethnic enclaves of the country would be atmospherically illuminated with street lights and dazzling art pieces. Free for all to enjoy and photograph, these celebrations are usually accompanied by festive street bazaars too, the most famous of which is the Chinatown Chinese New Year Bazaar.

Outside of these traditional celebrations, the Singapore Tourism Board also hosts many travel festivals, such as the annual Singapore Night Festival. Simply put, no matter when you visit, chances are, there’s some sort of illumination for you to enjoy in the evening. Some night bazaar for you to sample ethnic culinary delights too.

Best 2020 Nightlife Experiences in Da Nang

Da Nang nightlife features a host of sophisticated lounges, fancy rooftop bars, vibrant nightclubs, and expat bars. There are many locals and foreigners in this city. The city’s most famous nightlife destinations usually stay until late in the night, featuring gifted DJs playing trance, house, EDM, and funk music. From exotic cocktails and local beers to aged whiskeys and tasty wines, you will be happy to know that drinks sold in the city’s pubs and bars are affordable. Whether you want to dance until early morning or watch to catch the latest sports matches, this list of the top best Da Nang Nightlife is ideal for any budget.

Dragon Bridge

Da Nang is famous for having magnificent bridges that pass through the Han River. One of the favorite nightlives in Da Nang is the fire and water breathing Dragon Bridge. It is the main attraction of the city because of its gorgeous design and incredible features, more so, the entire bridge has lights all over it, making it look like a shiny dragon across the Han River. Dragon is a symbol of power and prosperity. The inspiration of the bridge is the traditional patters of the dragons and the Ly Dynasty Ly, praising Vietnamese identity and pride. On holidays and weekends, you can come here to see the dragon breath water and fire via its mouth, from 9 pm local time.

Han River night cruise

You can also spend some time cruising along the Han River by your dragon boat, and you will get to watch the skyline and numerous famous bridges- Dragon Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Han River Bridge, and Tran Thi Ly Bridge. The weekend would be the best time tonight cruise because you can watch the dragon spitting fire as you cruise.

Da Nang Nightlife Clubs and Bars

Sky36 Bar

The Sky35 Bar is situated on the rooftop of Novotel Danang Premier Han River, which is the tallest building in the city. The bar is an excellent da nang nightlife Vietnam destination for people looking for a classy spot with a magnificent view of the shiny metropolis. The bar has three areas: an indoor VIP bar, bed sofas, and an outdoor bar. If you want to overlook the sparkling city, sit at the outdoor bar. The colorful bridges and Han River could also be seen in this section. Moreover, the bar plays deep house, EDM, and hip-hop tunes. However, drinks are quite costly, but they are quality products.

Simple Man Coffee Bar

The coffee bar is a hospitable environment where you can find a mixture of American punk and Vietnamese rock if you are a music lover. Music is the only exciting thing at this bar, but also the view of the beach if you love views. The better part of the coffee bar is the pool where you can play freely with others. The staff is welcoming, and the vibe is incredible.


Waterfront is a beautiful place to enjoy a bar located on the first floor and a cool restaurant on the second floor. It is a favorite da nang nightlife area. If you want to come here, make sure you book in advance to secure your space. The upper flow lets you enjoy the magnificent view of the Dragon Bridge. Food served here is fresh and exquisite. The workers are sensible and friendly.

New Phuong Dong Nightclub

The nightclub was established in 1994, and since then, it has made a name for itself as a respectable nightclub in Da Nang. It is a favorite amongst the locals and foreigners. What is interesting at the club is a spacious dance floor, lighting system, impressive audio, dancers, live bands, and groovy DJs playing every night. Music is crucial for any nightclub, and this club certainly does not disappoint- from rock, disco, and EDM, to funk and jazz, there is every genre for everyone.

Fine Wine Paris

Do you enjoy drinking with an extra touch of elegance? Elegant Wine Paris is the place to be for anyone who yearns for the most exquisite French cold cuts and cheeses and some bottles of wine imported from different parts of the world. The environment is chic, and the services are topnotch.

Shop at Da Nang Night Market

The best way to enjoy the nightlife in Da Nang is by shipping at the Da Nang night market called the Hoa Khanh market, which is the largest night market in the city. Here, you can purchase anything you want. There are numerous affordable souvenirs, gifts, and clothes. Many people go to the market to shop and taste the street food from different food and drinking stalls in the area.

Admire Sunwheel Da Nang

This is yet another great place in the city. The Sun Wheel has a length of 115. It is a big clock tower when one can see different time zones of different nations. Neon lights surround the wheel, which makes it utterly beautiful. Take a 15-minute ride on this wheel and get to experience incredible views of the city by night when you get to the top.

Hat Tuong

If you like culture value, then head to Hat Tuong. The spot represents the connection between the present and the past. Here, you will learn more about the local culture through different singing methods, movements, and costumes, and so on. Therefore, it is an excellent place to experience learning in Da Nang.

Go for a Walk at Bach Dang Walking Street

Bach Dang Street is by far the famous road in Da Nang. It is a one-direction main road that passes along Han Rivers with conspicuous sidewalks. So, the road is mainly a walking street every day from 7 pm for those who like to see the breathtaking scenery of the Han River and explore the city at night. Moreover, if you want to shop, there are numerous bookstores, shops, restaurants, cafes, and hotels along the street.

Try Out Massage and Herbal Spa

After a busy day of exploring Da Nang, you can chill at a traditional head massage in one of the top spas in Da Nang at night. The most popular ones are the Asians inspired ones, which are characterized by calm music and ambience. Refresh your skin with an aroma body massage to improve your energy and prepare for another day of adventure and fun. Some of the notable spas in Da Nang include Queen Spa, Herbal Spa, and La Vie Spa.

My Khe Beach at night

The gorgeous coastline at My Khe Beach is another thing you can enjoy at night in Da Nang. The beach has a fantastic sunset that you will enjoy. It is an excellent place to unwind after a busy day exploring da nang vietnam beach city. The beach is favorite amongst Vietnamese and tourists, thanks to its fresh air. You can also play volleyball and soccer on the beach. Moreover, the beach has an appealing lighting system

9 Reasons Why You Should Make Nam Du Islands Your Next Tourist Destination

Nam Du Islands is cranking out a bunch of fun-loving activities for people who cherish to sit back relax and drink in the glistening atmosphere of this small tropical islands. With an increasing number of tourists flocking here, Nam Du Islands is quickly earning its reputation as an off-grid tourist destination in Vietnam. If you have not yet been in this small paradise, here are some reasons why it should be your mainstay for enjoyment and retreat.

  1. Appropriate transport

Arriving at Nam Du Islands is very easy, thanks to the available convenient means of transport. The starting point being at Rach Gia- Kien Giang province, getting to Nam Du Islands is pretty much easier from there. To get to the province, you can take a ferry from the Mien Tay Station. This gives you a front-row seat to the view that will provide you with that priceless pleasure while on your way there. When you arrive, there is a speedboat round-trip to Nam Du Islands that awaits you. What better way to get within a hair’s breadth than the crystal blue sea?

  1. Mouth-watering affordable sea delicacies

Nam Du is well known for its variety of seafood. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy that particular flavor of these dishes. From squid, green fish, snails, and sea urchin be assured of taking your taste buds on an adventure. On top of that, these dishes are very cheap, so you will not have to worry about making a dent in your pocket when buying them.

  1. The wild nature’s breathe-taking beauty

The beauty of Nam Du is just on another level. Perfectly arranged, the islands have its immense blue sea on it’s left and the green forests on the right. Through the thrilling motorbike rides on the coast road, you will realize that this place is a beauty to behold.

  1. Boat rides around other Islands

That experience that gets your adrenaline rushing is renting a boat to tour the other surrounding islands. Nam Du Islands has other bordering ones like the Day, Nom, and Mau islands. While traveling on the surface of the sea, you can see down due to the insanely crystal-like nature of it.

  1. The local’s welcoming and friendly nature

The Islands’ locals are known for always having open arms to receive anyone who sets foot on the soils of Nam Du. Their sense of joy and laughter when they are with other people is what keeps tourists coming back.

  1. More destinations to explore

Nam Du gives you that freedom to explore Vietnam without being within the loop of modern facilities. There is no fancy like accommodations over there so you can go ahead interact with the residents in the heart of the islands. Who knows other destinations are waiting for you to explore!

  1. The priceless view of the unmistakable blue sea from the lighthouse

Apart from being a historical monument, the lighthouse at the heart of Nam Du gives you that spectacular view of the whole island from above. The amazing thing is that it’s the perfect spot for taking photos!

  1. The amazing beaches

There is no better way to enjoy the beaches of Nam Du than spending time there. Whether you’re alone or with a group of friends, you can decide to camp on the beaches. Just imagine… Waking up to the view of the sun floating above the sea and falling sleep on the calm sound of the waves of the sea landing on the soft sand on the shores. I know you feel like packing your bags and running there.

  1. The spectacular blue sea

The sea… I mean the sea! There not enough words to describe it’s beauty. Its sparkling water adds to the known Nam Du’ attraction sites. During the day, you can lie down on the soft sand of the beach and take in the beauty of the sea.